Diagram of the structure of a letter (1878). Diagram from Silas C. Pierce’s A practical grammar of the English language (Ringgold, Published by the author, 1878). 

A key to the diagram: H (heading), N (names), A (address), B (beginning), ¶ (beginning of paragraphs), and C (conclusion). +


Photographed by Roe Ethridge for Double magazine

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Mean hiding spot

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Gamma-ray radiography systems capable of scanning trucks usually use cobalt-60 or caesium-137 as a radioactive source and a vertical tower of gamma detectors. This gamma camera is able to produce one column of an image. The horizontal dimension of the image is produced by moving either the truck or the scanning hardware. The cobalt-60 units use gamma photons with a mean energy 1.25 MeV, which can penetrate up to 15–18 cm of steel. The systems provide good quality images which can be used for identifying cargo and comparing it with the manifest, in an attempt to detect anomalies. It can also identify high-density regions too thick to penetrate, which would be the most likely to hide nuclear threats.


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